Friday, October 31, 2014

He said he'd come through today

He said he'd come through today,
So I cooked and waited.
He didn't come,
He didn't call,
He didn't text.

I don't know if he is ok,
Or if he thought it was ok.

If you see him,
tell him he said he'd come through today,
So I cooked and waited.
He didn't come,
He didn't call,
He didn't text.

I don't know if he is ok,
Or if he thought it was ok.
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

#mentalhealth and The National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD)

Know your rights

Is having a mental health condition really considered as a disability? I have heard (and had) this conversation over and over and over and over I have asked, what is a disability? I know there is a school of thought which wont read this post because they out rightly don't believe in the word disability as it implies we are 'accepting defeat' I am also aware there is a group that write off mental health conditions as disabilities. Which begs the question, what 'makes' a disability? There are other terms used interchangeably and may not necessarily mean the same; handicap and impairment, for the sake of communication for the rest of this post, I will use the word, disability.

Back to my question, what is a disability? does one have to have a visible 'deformity' or 'malfunction' for them to be in that bracket? because mine is in my head, does that automatically disqualify it from being a disability? In my long and short, a disability is any restriction that hinders you from performing day to day activities as per 'expected norms'. This restriction can be physical; eye, ears, legs, hands etc or mental. Due to these restrictions, most people living with disabilities face loads of discrimination and abuse from various fronts because they don't bow down to the 'expected norms'.

To counter that, the UN came up with The convention on the rights of persons with disabilities which loads of countries including Kenya are a signatory to. Kenya's Constitution has a definition of disability under Article 260 and speaks of human rights in various articles.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Mind, My Funk doing Mental Health/Epilepsy Awareness at ECC Karen Medical Camp

With MMMF volunteers from University of Nairobi after training for the medical camp

Weekends are for putting our legs up and catching up on TV...well that's weekends at Sitawa Ville and I am cheating, I am working as I catch up. Got loads of exciting news to share but I will spare y'all the back dated info and tell you about yesterday where the MMMF team had the pleasure of being part of Eagles Christian Church - Karen's medical camp where we talked to people about mental health and demonstrated epilepsy first aid.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I love success stories; The Ray C story

Good afternoon beautiful people,

Pray you are doing fine and life is treating you my fellow Kenyans, pray you have bounced back after the long weekend. So I am in the office creating and just looking for ways to make mental health services that I provide through My Mind, My Funk and my amazing team even better and I get this really touching message on how I am someone's shujaa (hero) and I look back at people who have gone through things especially those who have gone through things in the public eye.

I think of Conjestina,
I think of Ray C,
I think of so many other people,
People who are still here,
People who left a long time ago,
People who left too soon,
People who we don't know where they are,
I think of so many people,
Then I think of Ray C again and decide to Google her.
I remember when I was in Dar, Tanzania in August and was hosted by my girl Gloria at Clouds FM, I asked if she had heard anything about Ray C and when Google pulled out this video, just watching it to the end blew me away.

I know people will look (not take time to watch it) at this video and say;
'Look her light she has become maybe she is bleaching -  I once saw this comment on social media
or "look for big she has become will she ever shake her waist again?"

But I watched this video and said;
"I have to share this, this is a success story
...yes there might be relapses,
...yes yes yes to some of those things crossing your mind
but stop and see how far she has come.
Stop and think of the struggle it was to disentangle from an addiction.
Stop not to pity her but stop and applaud the strength that was born from all this.
The strength seen through all this.
You may not relate to some of these things but let those who can know that there is hope,
Let them know that there are success stories
Stories we can create if we don't give up on ourselves and on our loved ones
Stories we can be part of if we stop saying they are careless because we care less.

Living with a dual diagnosis of epilepsy and bipolar is a constant struggle for me, but everyday I say, "Sitawa, do not give up on the best you can with what you have" and little by little doing my best has created a mental health movement...I now offer Kenyans mental health info and support through a FREE mental health SMS helpline.

But it all began somewhere,
somewhere where people had written me off,
somewhere where people thought I would not amount to anything,
somewhere where people could whisper behind my back and not talk to my face because they didn't want to deal with me and my issues of falling down and spacing out
...somewhere where I found hope,
somewhere where I found purpose,
somewhere where I got my ministry, my mental health ministry
and I have been able to create somewhere where people can get that hope too through my FREE mental health (and epilepsy) helpline 22214.
somewhere where more success stories will begin.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Drum Magazine names me among 100 local Movers and Shakers

Today is Mashujaa Day where we celebrate our heroes...i am humbled Drum Magazine celebrated me among 100 movers and shakers. Grab your October issue and see who the other movers and shakers are.

Take a minute to celebrate all the heroes in your life...heroes need heroes too.