Monday, September 19, 2016

Being Intentionally Intentional

In August 2014, when admitted at Psych Ward...high as a kite from meds

In August 2014, I was admitted in the psychiatric unit of Avenue Hospital,  in December that same year, I had severe depression to near suicide making it the second consecutive holiday that I had had a huge blow. As the end of 2015 approached, and so many things in my life were falling apart, I knew I was most likely to have depression for the third year running and this one had the potential of being the worst of them all.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

DIY Vegan Meal Try outs

This was an amazing try out...motivated me to look for more DIY Vegan try outs ideas
Woot woot 

It is almost lunch time for most people...I say most people because I am in the group that has to wait till evening for my next meal (long story).  The fact that I am not having a bite won't stop me from jazzing myself up with my recent DIY Vegan meal try outs.

I was away all last week so when I got home at the beginning of the week, I did two interesting vegan try outs. In a previous post detailing how my vegetarian lifestyle is affecting my mental health, i mentioned my new found love for tofu. In this post, i will introduce you to my love; tofu.

Day 37 - 44 #100DaysofMentalHealth Omnibus

Back again Sweetlings with Part 4 of the #100DaysofMentalHealth Challenge (here  is Part 1 (Day 6-12),  Part 2 (Day 13-18) and Part 3 (Day 29 - 36) incase you missed them -  you can also follow me on either Instagram or Facebook to catch up.

Day 39 is about making a list of things that make you smile...isnt she lovely

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