Monday, November 23, 2015

In case you didn't catch me on Victoria's Lounge discussing #depression

Travelling (Road Trip) Essentials For People living with Epilepsy/Mental Health Conditions

My playlist, My Yoga Mat, My Water Bottle and a Bag full of tools to promote my mental health...what are your travelling essentials?
For the longest time I have had a bitter sweet relationship with travelling, on the one hand, I love to travel, to be transported to a different space and time and to live life through other lenses, to absorb with my ears, my mouth, my nose what life means to others, what it could mean to me, to open my mind to different possibilities and options, even if for the duration of the trip, to touch hope and gratitude through situations and to come back fed, full of something only experiences and not possessions can give…On the other hand, I get really anxious when I have to travel, I remember getting a seizure at the Ugandan airport after having a panic attack when the flight was delayed (I don't know about you guys but airports and customs just freak me out) to sleeping for three continuous days upon arrival in Ghana and having the guys who had invited me to speak worried sick, they almost put me on a flight back home; my body took its time to adjust to the weather.

So here I am, working on a new identity ‘a Nomadic Blogger who runs a mobile mental health info and support hub’, gotten all my other aspects of this new direction all lined up but I am yet to resolve my issues with travelling which is one of the key components. For the rest of the population, a trip is all about a destination, accommodation, food and drinks, who is in...Let's do this‎, Instagram it and can't wait for the next one. For a lot of people living with mental health conditions/epilepsy like myself, we have an additional list for a trip to be successful. As I prepare to make this transition and live as a backpacker across Africa, I have made a list of my top 5 travel essential based on previous trips (both the successful and the unsuccessful) which I hope many others who have epilepsy/mental health conditions will use in the coming holiday season if they plan to travel or at any other moment in their lives when they have to hit the road. This post will not look into travel expenses, food and accommodation, what to pack and what not to, they are a lot of bloggers who have covered those areas, I dive deep into the illness side of things.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rainfall Orchestra - Another (Love) Piece

My seat at the Rainfall Orchestra
In episode 2 of my webseries i happened to mention that people living with epilepsy can fall in love and have people love them, I might have sorta kinda hinted that i have a whole love story of my own and for a whole week, two of my classmates have been on my case asking me when that love web series is going to be up. I was caught up in some really heavy rain yesterday and it provided a good backdrop for this piece which couldn't have happened without the life partner inspiration later on. To Stephanie and Michelle, hope this piece gives you something to chew on as i work on that love web series and to the life partner, I know we have the don't read my work rule but if you get to read this one; read between the lines.

Rainfall Orchestra - Another (Love) Piece

That is where it all began,
With rain,
I guess,
At least i think i can remember
Or the rain falling on my window is whispering to me.
Little drops that escaped through my armpits,

And announced themselves on your forehead,
Before freely streaming down my thighs.