Friday, May 27, 2016

I am speaking in the US this June

Good morning Beautiful People,

Hope you are keeping warm in this Nairobi weather. On my Day 3 of Sitawa and her distant headache turned migraine Chronicles and it ain't fun at all.

Was going through my emails before I got back to bed because this migraine isn't friendly at all and found this amazing graphic by one of the most amazing women I have recently met, Janine, Founder of Flawless Foundation and decided to share the poster and make the announcement. 

I will be speaking in the US this June, 
June 11th - Pollination Project Salon in Ross, CA
June 14th - Elyn Saks Institute in LA
June 23-27th - Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen

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Monday, May 23, 2016

How my spiritual practise helps my mental health

Memory Verse from one of my Bible Study sessions
I grew up in a Christian home (read; my parents took us to church every Sunday and i knew a few Bible stories) and I knew about God (read;a guy up there who created stuff including a big chair which he lounges on everyday playing santa; if you were good, good things happen…if you are bad, bad things happen).
So on Sunday June 15th 2003 when i got raped; an ordeal whose unchecked trauma led to my bipolar diagnosis, i had questions…i actually doubted my identity as a Christian and the existence of God. As far as i knew, i had been good, so why was i sexually assaulted?
I was done with God.
We had a few moments here and there but nothing serious…but He never gave up on me, and i am glad He did not because it gave me an opportunity to make one of the best decisions ever — know Him intimately and develop a personal relationship with Him.
To finally, and confidently, identify as a practising Christian (who did more than just go to church on Sunday and quote a few scriptures) has been a long time coming and to keep myself grounded, I observe some practices…these three not only keep me grounded but also keep my mental health in check too.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Named among the Top African Innovators to watch

Ventures Africa put up their annual list of top African innovators and I made the list. (See all 42 Africans doing amazing things

Still on that throwback Thursday vibe, I made a leap from the poetry stage where my healing journey began to the mental health one a little under three years ago, September 2013 to be precise. I didnt have all the tools to be a mental health advocate, activist, crusader whatever the politically correct term is, but i knew i needed to occupy that stage and i did and alot of things happened not just for me but a lot of people too.

My main thing is to see attitude towards people with mental health conditions in Africa change and that is why being on this list is sorta kinda emotional (ok it is emotional) for me...just like that time Google Africa recognized this blog for the work it does in passing information on the continent about this manageable but tabooed topic.

I am open to see what connections and doors open within the continent and look forward to collaborations with people in different sectors not just mental health and health but IT, agriculture, education.

Thank you Ventures Africa for sharing my work with the continent