Saturday, September 27, 2014

We officially launched our FREE mental health Helpline; 22214

With Nairobi County Women's Rep;Rachel Shebesh at Mathari North Health Centre
where she officiated the launch of my FREE mental health helpline
Good evening beautiful people,
I totally love days like today when I get online to update you on amazing things happening in Sitawa-Ville (here is the last update in case you missed it).

As you may (or may not know), September is International Suicide Prevention month, a month set out to promote worldwide action to prevent suicide. As part of the global goal to reduce and prevent suicidal cases,  I launched a FREE SMS service 22214 that offers information and support for mental health and epilepsy and related ailments at an event at  Mathari North Health Centre, yesterday. The launch was officiated by one of my good peoples; Nairobi County Women's Rep Hon Rachel Shebesh.  (See pictures here)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Mind, My Funk 2.0 - New spaces, New Faces…and new services

On the grind at the new office space
Good afternoon beautiful people,

Pray you are doing well and life is treating you good. Last we talked my leg had drunk a kettle of very HOT tea, it is getting better…I have a natural tattoo to go with the story. Well I have had a very interesting bipolar cycle hence my silence here, from people and on social media. I say interesting cycle because I am not allowed to say it was an insane, drop dead cray cray…I learnt totally new phases of the illness this time round. I got a bipolar high, and as the younglings say, turned it up (or is it down) at an event (this is a story that I will share with you in the near future). I also had the lowest low, last week there was a day I couldn’t even get out of bed…I cried most of the day and I can’t tell you why, I was so sure I was going to die that day, the things my mind tells me…I missed my StoryMoja appearance…it was just too much…I am glad last week ended and I thank God for the support system around me and just for the mission or ministry or mystery that is my work and how it always works out.

In between it all, I somehow never really lost grasp of my work even though I wasn’t at my best and here are my recent updates;
1. We have new office space(I reworked a run-down salon space),
The space before (a run down salon) and after (front office for the team and back room for counselling services)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sitawa goes to Storymoja Festival

Good afternoon beautiful people,

It's Friday and the Sun is so amazing....that i know because I am blogging under its awesomeness.  So the beautiful people at Storymoja decided to have a session dubbed healing through writing and invited your truly, me to be part of it.

I am uber excited and can't wait to see y'all on Sunday 21st and all through the festival.

In other news,  what are your plans for tonight? If you live on my side of the world,  there is some jazz happening...hope to see you there.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My 3 day medicine journal - Is 'Western' medicine too overrated and if it is, what are the alternatives?

Good evening beautiful people,  i am ALIVE!!!

If you have been keeping up you know my leg drunk tea and it has it degree of pain all figured out, I am getting recurring seizures and one of them caused the burn to add to that i am experiencing bipolar mania with hypersexuality tendencies coupled with craving for alcohol. To keep myself in check I am faithfully taking my meds; 2 for the seizures,  3 for my leg then for the bipolar 5...All in one sitting.  Then now my periods checked in and the thought of popping 12 pills (additional 2 are pain killers for my cramps) every night is no appealing especially since there are more pills to pop when i wake up.

My routine from Tuesday has been;
- Tuesday 11p  meds slept till 11 am 
- Wednesday 11am woke up high from meds and weak, ate something pop morning pills sleep till 10p
- Wednesday 10p still high, ate something not sure whether to take lunchtime med or evening meds or all together (go with option 2 and sleep till Thursday 10am)
- Thursday 10 am eat something only take leg meds and cramp meds sleep for 5 hours but too weak to go for daily gym work out so decide to blog

Question is what if I was employed?  
Wouldn't I have been fired because these meds don't make you sleep,  you black out
What if I was a mother or a wife? 
I'd never see my kids and my hubby would only interact with zombie me.

I have always been an advocate for meds and the role they play in psychiatry but I have also stressed they be used in conjunction with exercise,  watching diet, therapies but I also think those prescribing should do it moderation or with a formula that makes me and those of us on the meds active. This is one of the reasons I wanted my meds tapered down but all I got was a doctor who said they'd beat me to a coma,  getting thrown out of two hospitals and wrongful admission to one hospital.

Which brings me to the question is Western medicine overrated? 

Why do they stress on no alcohol,  these meds are lethal on their own. 
Can we as people living with epilepsy and mental health conditions be on medication and still be functional or we have to skip a few doses to live a 'normal life'?

Again tonight I will only take meds for my leg because i have an early morning meeting, if go drink alcohol or sext someone because of my mania, all I can say is at least I lived on Friday 12th September 2014. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I burnt my left leg during a seizure (pix of burn)

Last week I shared that i burnt my left leg during a seizure,  here is a little progress report.

Despite a little pain when i sit for long then stand, i can walk well, the water is still collecting so i still have occasional blisters but not as big as the very first one.

My scar has moved from white to reddish, and i praying hard that the skin covers it all soon.

On the bipolar side of things,  i am manic and doing the clichĂ© things anyone who is manic does.