Friday, March 27, 2015

#purpleday MMMF Edition; a team that plans, prays, eat and goofs together, stays together

Yesterday was March 26th, better known as purple day by those of us in the epilepsy advocacy side of life. Purple day is basically the day people wear purple in support of those who are living with epilepsy.  Last year for purple day, I launched a video for my poem a little more. This year, I brought the MMMF team together to do an end of Quarter 1 analysis and plan for Quarter 2 and the dress code was something purple. Keep it here for news of exciting things that will be happening at MMMF in the next 3 months.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Join me and a panel of guests tomorrow 6p EAT on twitter as we discuss the recent increase of #rape cases in Kenya. Are GBV victims becoming more vocal or are GBV cases on the incline or do both statements represent reality? Follow the conversation using #endrapeKe

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

50/50 - The couples challenge

May the best couple win

Last year,i got an email from a lady called Casey Marenge, she had heard my work in mental health especially Kibera project and wanted to donate one of her board games to my organization to use as a stress releaver. We met up and we have been good friends ever since. My Kibera students totally loved the game and it has also been played by our Nairobi University volunteers.
This weekend, Casey and her crew are organizing a couple's challenge at Road House Grill, Karen. The charges are very pocket friendly and for someone who has played the game for one year, I certify (if I am allowed to do so) this game as good for your mental health.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spark*Kenya is accepting applications for their 2015 cohort

I am a 2013 Spark*Kenya Changemaker, apply to be part of the 2015 Cohort

In September 2013, I attended Spark International's Changemaker's weeklong accelerator program (Read about my experience at the program here). I had so much passion for mental health, was everywhere doing everything but after the program, I learnt how to make my passion into a tangible entity better known as My Mind, My Funk to many now. That September, MMMF was born and it now has committed employees and programs, a FREE mental health text helpline 22214 and we do all sorts of amazing outreaches. If you are passionate about change, apply to be part of the next Spark*Kenya Changemakers via the link the banner.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

First i did Daystar next university; USIU

USIU speaking engagement poster

So I am speaking this Thursday at USIU, you just read about how my Sunday speaking engagement went. and I will take you to two Saturdays ago when I spoke at Daystar University and share some tweets I loved.

If we write only what people want to hear, how will we hear the truth? @SitawaWafula #CreativesAcademy
— Daystar LanguageArts(@DaystarLanguage) March 7, 2015

The truth remains the truth, write your truth whatever it is - @SitawaWafula #Creativesacademy
— Kyesubire(@Kyesubire) March 7, 2015
My truth is a truth which in Africa we talk about in hush tones @SitawaWafula #CreativesAcademy
— Daystar LanguageArts(@DaystarLanguage) March 7, 2015

Listening to @SitawaWafula brings tears to my eyes. Such passion! #Creativesacademy
— KinyanjuiKombani(@KKombani) March 7, 2015

@DaystarLanguage @SitawaWafula She has an amazing story and is a very Authentic Speaker!
— Paul Achar(@paulachar) March 7, 2015

I have just discovered You haven't read anything until you visit that blog #Humanizing #MentalHealth @SitawaWafula
— WanjiruKimondo(@Wanjiru_Kimondo) March 7, 2015

A moment of revelation and checking myself.... today at #CreativesAcademy with @SitawaWafula @DaystarLanguage
— WanjiruKimondo(@Wanjiru_Kimondo) March 7, 2015

@SitawaWafula Oh! you have no idea what a great honor it was listening to you. Pray for even greater strength for you
— WanjiruKimondo(@Wanjiru_Kimondo) March 7, 2015