Monday, April 11, 2016

Does what you eat have an effect on your mental health (3 lessons from my new #vegetarian lifestyle)

I was just settling down for my meal and remembered two facebook posts; one was a question i was tagged in on what a person with bipolar should eat or not eat to which i responded;

'taking care of someone with bipolar is a cocktail of things and not just dietary based. as much as you are looking at their diet, also check the meds and other sorts of therapies that would work eg art, eco, writing/journaling. In my case, i dont do sugar as that triggers my energy (ok i cheat with an occasional fanta orange), other things like alcohol and drugs should be avoided then watching how they react to different food types, there isn't one specific diet that suits everyone. a support system is also good, are they part of a support group...applauding you for reaching out to ask this on their behalf, shows they have people who care and that half of what is needed for them to stabilize.'

In case of seizure, am i allowed to put a spoon in the person’s mouth or not?

My tee says it all...DO NOT put anything in my mouth if i am having a seizure (email to cop this tee)
When someone has a seizure in public, there is definitely the group that runs around screaming (I never understand these ones, on my knees interceding for them) then there is a group which has half baked information about epilepsy (the one that will be sitting with you waiting for you to recover as they share notes of how this illness will make someone infertile and tales along that line) then there is the group that know what to do. My vision is to get every person in Africa in the latter group, to equip them with knowledge on how to handle people living with epilepsy and to live positively with it if one has it.

I have had epilepsy for the last 14 years (jeeez thats a long time...if i was dating epilepsy, id be out in the streets saying we have a teenager *inserts a face*) This hit me hard i shared on twitter as i was typing this post and appreciate your love.