Tuesday, April 21, 2015

You see an overweight lady, I see the success story of recovering drug addict; The Ray C Story Part 2

This month's True Love magazine feature recovering drug addict
and East African Sweetheart,Ray c
I think I can write about Ray C over and over and not get tired. For those who follow my blog (hope you have voted for it as the best health blog at Blog Awards Kenya here) but to Ray C, I know you have read the post I put up in October last year on her being a success story and you can imagine the joy I had when I saw her on this month’s True Love magazine, I just had to grab me a copy. The day I bought it, I was going to the salon and everyone who saw the cover would ask in horror, is that Ray C, what happened to her, all in reference to her weight and the mental health crusader in me would leap in joy as I explained the effects of the meds one takes when being ‘weaned off’ drugs. When we opened our new officein Adams, Kirichwa Rd, I proudly placed the magazine on top of the pile at the reception area because i wanted this success story to be the ray of hope people have when they come to MMMF and just like at the salon, everyone who has come to our office has asked the same question, some going as far as walking down memory lane when their life goals were to have a body like she did and shake her waist like she did and the men confessed how her usiku moja song was a daily prayer. So what happened to the love and admiration? Why do we see horror where we once got solace?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Celebrating Kalpa Padia, owner of Raka Cheese

(Pic from 2013 when i was doing #hugSitawa)
A few years ago, i attended a gig at Impala and tasted the most amazing cheese ever, I was still hosting my poetry gig, Sitawa Ignited at the Junction and decided to ask the cheese manufacturer if they would provide some cheese for my next poetry night, little did i know that i was asking the heavens for a mentor and LIFE LONG supporter...the cheese company was Raka Cheese and its owner Kalpa not only provided cheese for the one night i asked for but over and over until i stopped hosting and when i was going through really low lows, she would invite me to the cheese factory where i would be rejuvenated just being around her and her AMAZING STAFF, when i started my ‪#‎hugsitawa‬ campaign, she supported it through a hug and made some contributions, #hugsitawa was part of the building blocks for the FREE mental health sms helpline 22214 i run today and the organization that you all know as my mind, my funk and even where i am at, Kalpa still has my back...I am so humbled and honored that you are in my life Kalpa Kapasi.

If you have someone in your life who has walked with you over and over, do not forget to give them a shout, celebrate them...they are the building blocks that got you where you are and where you are going.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#justiceforLiz FINALLY!!!

My story and work in the #justiceforLiz march can be seen from min 2.23 and min 3.35 respectively

In 2013, I was part of the logistics team that put together the #justiceforliz march in Nairobi. If you havent heard about Liz, well she is a 16 year old girl (should be 18 now) who was gang raped and thrown into a pit, when the case was reported, the police punished her attackers by having them cut grass. CSOs that work around gender based violence got together and did a protest march in Nairobi which led to loads of back and forth, hundreds upon hundreds of emails on progress reports from partners seeking justice for Liz. Yesterday another email came through and it was amazing to read that finally there has been Justice for Liz. Special shout out to all the CSO who have been doing the back and forth between Nairobi and Busia, that have spent hours in police stations and court houses, that have written letters after letters to various offices from the DPP, that have kept the #justiceforLiz tag ongoing, that prayed, that hosted meetings, that kept the fire burning.

Justice for Liz is not only justice for Liz but justice for many of us, we are all Liz. As a rape survivor, i am Liz and just seeing that by age 18 when i got raped, she has gotten justice makes me happy...i rejoice in this and look forward to seeing this precedent followed in many other SGBV cases in Kenya and world over. Special S/O to Nebila for setting this ball rolling, you are truly a star.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

FREE Counselling and Group Therapy Sessions for #GarissaAttack students and family members

Good evening beautiful people,

My Mind, My Funk is offering FREE follow up face to face and/or phone counselling and group therapy sessions to #GarissaAttack students & family members. Our contacts
- FREE SMS Helpline 22214,
- Office Numbers 020 - 4400600/0773 - 833189
- Social media pages @mymindmyfunk (twitter) and My mind, My funk (Facebook)
- Email info@mymindmyfunk.com

Kindly share widely 

My Mind, My Funk has a new home and services...TY Spark* International

Poster by +Alfred ON 

Today we officially began working from our new space on Ngong Rd (this is where one shouts, mama we kinda made it) thanks to the amazing support by Spark International (have you applied to be a Changemaker with them yet?). Last year at a time like this I had just won the Google Africa Award (read my story - From not owning a laptop to owning a social enterprise) and months later started the journey of creating the free mental health SMS Helpline 22214 which has morphed from not just having a free text service but a foundation for developing more information and support systems and partnerships. To meet the need and demand for our services, we have moved closer to the masses, from the village - Ngong Town to near the city - Adams Arcade, making our services affordable and accessible.